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Let your taste buds feel the joy

Aurora Alexe


I have a dream, a passion that will carry me and you on an amazing trip to savour and beauty.  I believe that I’m supposed to do what I am doing at this exact moment. I believe that you will agree with me when you will take a bite from my passion, from my  soul.

I live within every cake I create, within every bite that brings joy and content on your face and those of the loved ones. I’m not selling you a product, I’m offering you my life’s work, I offer you smiles, happy memories, I’m offering you a trip to happiness with every bite.

My name is Aurora and I’ve been living in Italy for 6 years now. I was born in Bucharest but my heart brought me to Italy. I chose to follow my dreams and this is where they led me, to provincia de Padova.

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Created for you

Every cake that I create has the feelings and the touch of you, my client.

Always in contact

I always keep close in touch with the clients because I want the cake to match their desires.

Gently wrapped

Because I put my heart and soul in creating the cake, I make sure that they are gently wrapped for you.

Only the best ingredients

I care so much about my work that I will only use the best of the best.

For any occasion

From Birthday to Wedding, you name it and I will be ready to create the perfect cake to match your desires.

Blissful memory

I truly believe that my work brings happiness. My customers must smile and my cakes do the job.

Mission & Motivation

Since I was young I was mesmerized by pretty and tasteful sweets so I wanted to create tasteful sweets wrapped with a beautiful design. That is why I took upon myself to learn and master cake design. It allows to push my limits, to get lost within my imagination and create amazing tasteful and beautiful experiences for those who pass my doorsteps.

Sweets are not just sweets. Sweets are memories that we carry around forever.

Let me surprise you with my work, give me your ideas and let me create a memory that you will never forget.

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Le delizie di Aurora

We take care of each of our creations with care, passion, dedication, from the base to the final decoration.

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My Diplomas

Because I wanted to improve professionally, I attended the professional pastry school DIEFFE. Here I got to work with renowned pastries and professionals, beautiful people from whom I learned a lot and to whom I bow my head in sign of respect because they are amazing.  Here I took different thematic classes to improve my skills and knowledge and I can say that I did.

Here are just a few of my diplomas.